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... for secure conversations


... for secure conversations

The digiNOISE device is used for securing the conversation between two or more people irrespective of any audio bugs that might be around the place where the conversation is taking place.

The device can be used in open areas, inside rooms and also in vehicles.

The digiNOISE reproduces a previously recorded soundtrack, which disables any intercepting of the actual conversation. 

Using high quality headphones with a microphone ensures a superior conversation between people included in the conversation.

 The device consists of the main unit, headphones with integrated microphone and the protective suitcase.

The main unit is built in the aluminium casing. The unit consists of an audio speaker, all interfaces and switches.

In addition, the main unit contains a Pb-gel battery, which makes working with the device possible even without the external power supply.

The included headphones are of highest quality and ensure comfortable use and high quality sound.

The microphone rod can be adjusted in order to fit all users.

digiNOISE consist of ...


# Base unit

# Headphones

# Protective Case.

The kit is supplied with two appropriate cable as follows:

# Cable with adapter for connection to the mains voltage 230VAC,

# Cable to connect the 12VDC car power outlet (cigarette lighter connector).

The protective suitcase is designed in such a way that everything needed is located inside the suitcase: the main unit, headphones and all the cables.

Technical specifications


    Frequency response:

40 – 12.000Hz

Nominal impedance:


    Ambient noise attenuation:

približno 16dBA

  egarding to system configuration, 2, 3 or 4 headphones can be connected to main unit

Protective suitcase

  The contents of the suitcase is 100% protected against:

moisture and water (waterproof)


dust, sand and dirt

shocks and collisions

IP67 certificate

Power supply

    main power:


    car plug:


    internal battery:

12VDC, 2,1Ah