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DLP system

iCAT system is a dedicated tool for Internet/Ethernet traffic interception.

iCAT is capable of collecting, storing, reconsctructing and analysing ethernet traffic.


... for secure calls

digiCRYPT is an end-to-end VoIP encryption software solution for mobile phones.

The application enables encrypted full duplex speech conversation, text messages communication and file exchange..


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

 System that enables computer analysis of pictures which is used for identification of a number plate.



... for secure conversations

The digiNOISE device is used for securing the conversation between two or more people irrespective of any audio bugs that might be around.

The device can be used in open areas, inside rooms and also in vehicles.



... to protect your data

digiDisk is applied programme solution, which serves for protection of documents on the USB keys.

USB key can be used for protected and unprotected data transfer


Technical Surveillance Counter Measure 

Detect the presence of technical surveillance devices

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure inspection is aimed at checking whether in a given area are means for tapping and monitoring through the use of electronic and other media for the transmission or recorded sound and pictures or purely digital data their location and removal.


Security inspection of the information system

Information system review is aimed at detecting vulnerabilities in software, network and hardware equiptment.  Identifying vulnerabilities and threats to information sources used by the organization to achieve business objectives. On the basis of information system review tesults organization can take measures to reduce risks to an acceptable level , based on the values of the organization's information resources.