... to protect your data

digiDisk is applied programme solution, which serves for protection of documents on the USB keys.

There are two key steps in usage. First is preliminary preparation of USB key, which we can carry out for you or we can  prepare a "master key *" so you can do this step by yourself. 
And the second is usage, which is available to the authorised users.

After completed preparation USB key can be used for protected and unprotected data transfer, which means that it looks as a normal USB key.

Protected part of data is encrypted and wrote on document on the removable storage, furthermore is also a part of the application, which can be used for description and normal usage.

Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information of Republic of Slovenia.

Advantages of digiDisk

Easy to use

The possibility of transfer of protected and unprotected data

The abuse of data is not possible

Certificirana Ň°ifrirna reŇ°itev 

* Master key is prepared based on the amount of leased licenses for digiDisk.