... advanced tool to capture the internet traffic on a computer network

iCAT is capable of collecting, storing, reconsctructing and analysing ethernet traffic and has the following main functions:

# real-time supervision,
# filtering through different Internet protocols,
# specific words/parameters recognition,
# traffic archiving,
# advanced traffic analysis and searchnig,
# producing system administration and reports …

Access to iCAT system is thoroughly protected, the recorded data is protected from unauthorized access. In addition to username and password protection, access to the system is also protected with security USB dongle.

Why  iCAT? 

Because what seems quite normal and
fine ...

... in reality can be quite the opposite!

What can we reconstruct and supervise?

# review of intercepted web pages, pictures, multimedia files,
specific files for some web pages, MSN, IRC, WebMail …

# E-mails: complete survey for sent and received emails (SMTP and POP3 protocols), including attachments.

Additional features

User informing and alarm messages

It is possible to review alarm messages, which depend on pre-set filter words. Filtering is working also with words in mail attachments. Sending of alarm message, when alarm occurs, is possible via e-mail or SMS message (optional).


iCAT system can generate and show different reports, which can be modified using filters.

iCAT Web Interface