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Security inspection of information systems

Digitech d.o.o.has many years of experience in the field of information security and protection.

We offer expertise, flexibility, clear communication and a comprehensive support before, during and after each inspection and evaluation of the safety of your information system.

Vulnerability reviews are assessed in compliance with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System standard.

Areas subjected to security checks include:

Safety information
Process safety
Network security technologies
communications security
Wireless Network Security
Physical security

Procedures for information system security check  help you determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack or has implemented adequate protects and what ability network administrators have to detect and respond to attacks.

Based on the results of screening is possible to assess the impacts on the organization and propose countermeasures to reduce risks and to assess the extent of potential business and operational impacts in the event of successful attacks.

External security review

It defines vulnerability through which can lead to intrusion or exploitation of the services running on systems connected to the Internet

Weaknesses in the external examination show whether they can be exploited for attacks on targeted systems, and whether they can be used for access to sensitive company information.

Internal security review

Providing protection against internal threats and to ensure that the rights of users on the network can not be abused.

Our internal security assessment helps to identify the risks posed by internal users, as well as a comprehensive safety assessment of the network architecture allows you to your network administrators to manage and secure it in accordance with current practices to minimize the risks.

Review of technical infrastructure

We offer a comprehensive, unified view not only on your network infrastructure, but also workflow and compliance thereof with your directives.

We discover risks and possible security incidents through the collection of traffic data in real time and provide analysis of security events using contextual data sources.

Review of technical infrastructure provide numerous capabilities and effectively increases the service.

Our technology enables a wide range of collection of events, and the ability of interdependence and analysis of events in the case of incompatible sources..