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Technical Surveillance
Counter Measure

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure provides expert evaluation of technical safety and consist of a thorough visual, electronic and physical inspection of the facility.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure are procedures and measures we take to detect  the presence and location of all kinds of listening devices, such as passive or active control devices, technical possibilities of leakage of information from these premises and immediate surroundings. We note the suitability of safe handling and secure transmission of data based on its classification.

For successful implementation of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures the team must consists of specialists of various fields of electrical trades and telecommunications, which are also known in the field of data protection, who are familiar with the latest forms and methods of data collection and data theft in general, intelligence and other activities and the coherence of the legal and legal regulations. This is for information of all classification levels and sensitive personal information .

For performing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
Digitech d.o.o.  employs specialized professionals who have all the necessary knowledge and have many years of experience in this area. We use special electronic devices, without which the majority of electronic devices aimed at wiretapping are impossible to detect.

After completion of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures we produce a report on the course of the review and findings.
The report lists all of imminent danger of an uncontrolled outflow of information and data and suggest appropriate solutions to improve security.